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We have a spacious area of 12000 square feet that is specifically designated for playing baseball. This open area provides ample space for players to practice their swings, catch fly balls, and work on their pitching techniques. With such a large area, players can spread out and practice without worrying about running into each other.

Additionally, this open space allows for spectators to comfortably watch.

Facilities Available for Baseball Enthusiasts

The facility offers all players very specialized programs and access to all equipment, including the following:

RAPSODO – PITCHING and HITTING vision technology.  The ultimate tool for any athlete that wants to get better in baseball.

Pitching – Unlocks unparalleled data and insights and takes practice sessions to the next level.   The baseball flight monitors will help players get better faster, hone their skills, quicker, and take their game to new heights.  The Rapsodo camera and radar technology provides accurate, pro-level data.

Hitting – Designs your optimal baseball swing with video playback and instant data.  Our baseball launch monitor helps you make data-driven adjustments so you can increase exit velocity, improve batted ball metrics and optimize your swing.

WIN REALITY – WIN’s excusive equipment makes swinging in VR realistic.   WIN offers over 10 diverse training modes designed to teach you the art of making precise swing decisions, maintaining consistent timing, and recognizing pitches earlier.  These training tracks are proven to cater to specific needs across all age groups and skill levels, giving each player and the team the edge it needs to win.  Each player will experience unlimited at bats against 600+ pitchers, training for all in-game situations.     This virtual reality technology lets players of all levels train against game-speed pitching.  Seeing unlimited pitches from hundreds of pitchers promotes confidence and success at the plate.   

BLAST – is an amazing Hitting Improvement Solution in the game.  Helps turn your ordinary baseball bat into a smart bat and dominate at the plate. This program allows you to analyze and improve your hitting.  Player development begins here with swing speed and swing path improvement.  Combines sensor-based swing analysis with auto-edited video clips optimized to help start building a better swing more easily while having fun.

12,000 sq ft open area

8 Cages

4 Mounds

4 hack attack machines